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Aura Hybrid

Flowermate Aura Hybrid vaporizer reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

The Flowermate Aura Hybrid combines the functionality of a mod box with a portable dry herb vaporizer. The benefits of a mod box are huge. Unlike most vape pens or vaporizers that typically restrict temperature control, a mod box can reach higher temps with more versatile control. The Aura Hybrid features the classic Flowermate ceramic chamber known to produce huge vapor clouds and can last up to 2 hours on a charge.

Vaporizer Specs

Average Price $130
Heat Method Conduction
Heat Time 18 sec
Dry Herb Yes
Concentrates Yes
Battery Life 2 hours
Temp Control Variable
Temp Range 104°F - 446°F
Power Source Battery
Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Flowermate
Model Aura Hybrid

About the author

Vape Pen Pro

Whats up, I'm Chris, a heavy vape pen user and contributor to Vape Pen Pro. For years now I've been deeply involved with the vaporizer community. My vaping preferences lean towards dry herbs and wax but I regular vape e-liquids. My current vape pen setup includes a PAX2 for dry herbs & a Reliant 60W for e-liquids.

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