K-Vape Dry Herb Vape Pen Review

K-Vape In the box reviewed by Vape Pen Pro
The K-Vape by Kandypens is a polarizing dry herb vape pen in my opinion. If you don't know already (a few searches online will help) this vape pen has the same build as the G Pro. It's essential the same pen under different names.

K-Vape by Kandypens

K-Vape by Kandypens

Ease of use


    Battery life


      Heat time






            The Pros

            • True convection heating
            • Deep dry herb chamber
            • Nice size
            • Easy to clean

            The Cons

            • Slow heat time
            • Limited settings
            • Battery life


            The K-Vape actually does vaporize the dry herb with it’s convection oven based heating system. That’s nice! Heat time is quick but maybe not as quick as I’d like to see. Let’s dive into more of


            Whats in the box

            K-Vape In the box reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The packaging for the K-Vape is nice and simple. The box is plain and doesn’t call any attention to itself. Inside are all of the basic components you need:

            • 1 x K-Vape Vaporizer
            • 1 x Micro USB Cord
            • 1 x Cleaning Brush
            • 6 x Replacement Screens
            • 3 x Rubber Mouthpieces
            • 2 x Extended tip Plastic Mouthpieces
            • 1 x User Manual

            The K-Vape vaporizer unit has a soft, rubber finish on two sides and the back, and a glossy, plastic insert on the front where the settings are located. It is 5.5 inches tall by 1 inch wide.

            Using the K-Vape

            The battery is built-in and is charged through the USB cord. You can charge it on an iPhone or with a phone USB wall charger. This gives you more flexibility and options for charging, even if you leave your cable at home.

            For ease of use, the K-Vape gets a high score. It has one button and two lights which are easy to use and understand.

            The power on activates by clicking the power button five times. When the red on light changes to green, you can increase the temperature by holding the same button again for another two seconds until the color of the light changes from green to blue.

            The Chamber

            K-Vape Chamber reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            This pen has a good sized vape chamber. While the instruction manual says it holds .6 grams, I was able to fill it with almost .9 grams, and it still hit just fine. This is roomy for a portable pen like this.

            The K-Vape uses a convection type heating system, similar to a convection oven. Convection heating circulates hot air around the herb until it vaporizes. Conduction heating, used in many other vape pens, transfers heat to the herb by conduction through some material, like a glass screen.

            It is necessary to use finely ground herb in convection heating vape pens like the K-Vape. Because the herb is being heated by circulating air, the finer it is, the more surface area there is for vaporization to happen. Small herb grinders are one solution for getting the herb ground, or, you can break it up by hand.

            Also, convection vaporizers need a bit more attention when you are cleaning them, because they produce a small amount of film inside the chamber. The K-Vape comes with a nice cleaning brush, making this simple and fast. If you forget to do it, the vapor will not taste as good, and the pen may not work as well.


            The K-Vape vaporizer comes with three, rubber mouthpieces and two extended tip plastic mouthpieces. The mouthpiece connects to a replaceable screen, and there are a total of six included in the box. The screen is important, because it prevents pieces of herb coming through from the chamber into your mouth or lungs.

            K-Vape Mouthpiece reviewed by Vape Pen Pro


            K-Vape review by Vape Pen Pro

            The heat settings and heat time are a little disappointing. The K-Vape has three temperature settings;

            • Red – 360F
            • Green – 380F
            • Blue – 420F

            The light is red when you first turn on the unit and remains red until it is heated. When it has heated, the light changes to green. This indicates you can start vaping.

            My preference is for more heat, and in order to do this, you have to hold down the button for a few seconds longer, until the light changes again to blue. This requires more attention to what is going on and is a detraction for me.

            But, it does reach the required temperature for a good hot hit, although a little slowly. At the hotter setting, vaporized herb in this pen did not taste as good as at the lower settings.

            The battery charge life is not great for a portable vape pen, but the ease and flexibility of USB charging compensates.

            Cleaning and Maintenance

            Clean the K-Vape when it is cool. Use the brush that comes with the kit to remove the spent herb. It only takes a few seconds to get it clean.

            Further cleaning with a cotton sway and isopropyl alcohol gets out the build-up of resin and gives a cleaner vapor. You can run it empty for a short time to dry it out.

            To clean the mouthpiece, just unscrew it and use a pipe cleaner and some isopropyl alcohol. Then dry it out with a clean, dry pipe cleaner. The screen can also be cleaned with alcohol on a swab.

            Finial Thoughts

            Overall, the K-Vape vaporizer pen for dry herbs is a reasonably priced, easy to use vape pen with all the basic features you need for vaping dry herb.


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