Summit Plus Vaporizer Review

Summit Plus Vaporizer reviewed by Vape Pen Pro
The Summit Plus is the newest addition to Vapium’s line of portable dry herb vaporizers. With a mid-range price $149.95, the Summit Plus delivers top-notch quality and ease of use.

Summit Plus by Vapium

Summit Plus by Vapium

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            The Pros

            • Compact, easy-to-use
            • Extremely rugged for outdoor use
            • Healthy, stainless steel airway tube
            • Good battery charge
            • Easy to clean and comes with a cleaning kit

            The Cons

            • Herb chamber a little small
            • Battery not replaceable
            • Charger port cover hard to open

            The Summit Plus vaporizer by Vapium has a few improvements over its predecessor, the popular, original Summit vaporizer, but the changes are in functionality, and the exterior is not much different than the earlier Summit.

            This vaporizer was especially created for lovers of the outdoors. It has a rugged design with a slip-resistant rubber grip, heavy-duty construction for withstanding accidental falls, certified dust and splash resistance, and a waterproof dry-bag carry case, in case you want to take it on your next fishing or winter camping expedition.

            It’s also made to work in extreme weather in temperatures ranging from 320º F to 446º F (-18ºC to 80ºC). And, it has a good battery charge for taking on hikes, camping, or skiing. The Summit Plus is perfect for everyone looking for a compact, well-designed dry herb vaporizer to use anywhere, any time.

            Whats in the box

            Summit Plus Vaporizer Packaging reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            • One Summit Plus vaporizer
            • One cleaning kit. Includes 4 pipe cleaners, 3 replacement screens, 1 replacement mouthpiece cover, 2 packs of Clean-Wipes, 1 stir and pack tool
            • One micro USB charging cable
            • One AC wall charging adapter
            • One dry-bag for waterproof transport and storage
            • Instruction manual

            The mouthpiece is attached to the body of the unit with a strong magnet and is removed by pulling. The chamber lid also snaps in place with a magnet when closed and is attached to the body with a cord, so you won’t lose it when the lid is off when you clean and pack the chamber.

            Summit Plus mouthpiece removed reviewed by Vape Pen Pro


            The molded plastic mouthpiece has a low draw resistance, making it easy to pull vapor through the airway. The mouthpiece is attached to the body of the unit with a magnet and two, recessed divots for a secure fit. It slips right into the stainless steel airway tube leading to the chamber. There are no plastic parts in the airway.

            Summit Plus removed mouthpiece reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            With the mouthpiece removed, the airway is simple to clean with a regular pipe cleaner, and Vapium includes a few to get you started. You can easily run the pipe cleaner all the way into the chamber to keep everything clean and drawing properly. Remove the screen before using a pipe cleaner.

            Dry Herb Chamber

            Summit Plus dry herb chamber reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The heating chamber and air tube going to the mouthpiece are made of stainless steel. The chamber is heated with a conduction element, and there is a small screen at the bottom of the chamber to keep herb from falling through into the airway.

            The screen has a small tab so you can remove it, and the cleaning tool has a hook for lifting the screen out. The vaporizer comes with three replacement screens. The chamber needs to be brushed out after each vaping session, and the airway cleaned out with a pipe cleaner or Q-Tip every couple of sessions.

            The chamber can hold about .2 to .3 grams of herb. It shouldn’t be overfilled or tamped down too much, or it will interfere with the draw. The amount of herb you can get in the chamber is enough for ten to twenty draws, and one battery charge gives you enough power for about an hour of vaping.

            Power, Temperature and Functionality

            Three large buttons control all of the functions on the Summit Plus. Vapium calls the power button the ‘Go’ button, and holding it for three seconds turns the unit on. The two other buttons let you move the temperature up or down. The temperature is shown on a color coded LED display.

            The summit plus is designed for extreme weather conditions, making it a great choice if you are heading anywhere from the ski slopes to the desert. It will operate in temperatures as low as 0º F. (-18ºC), low enough for most ski-lift rides, and up to 176º F (80ºC), which is hotter than it’s ever been on Earth, so far!

            Four LED lights let you know the battery status, power status, and temperature setting. The Summit Plus has 8 heat settings for adjusting the temperature from 330ºF (160ºC) to 440ºF (230ºC). Heat time is about 45 seconds after pushing the power button. A stealthy vibration alerts you when the unit has reached your desired vaping temperature.

            If you stop drawing on the vaporizer for longer than ninety seconds, it goes into standby mode to save battery life. Pushing the power button once brings it back to the temperature it was last set to. After thirty minutes in standby, the unit automatically shuts off.

            Summit Plusbattery charger USB port reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            Battery and Charging

            The re-chargeable battery is built-in. It uses a 3300 mAh lithium battery, delivering power for about an hour of vaping. That’s enough of a charge for about eight to ten vaping sessions. The battery has a pass-through feature that lets you vape while it is charging, and the battery takes about an hour to re-charge.

            Summit Plus USB charger cable reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            A micro USB charger cable is used for charging with a laptop or smartphone, and a cable is included along with a wall charging adapter.

            Special Features

            • The stir tool is a useful tool for removing the screen, tamping down the bowl, and brushing it out after a session.
            • The Summit Plus is Bluetooth enabled and has a free app for advanced controlling of temperature settings and other features on the vaporizer.
            • The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

            Summit Plus vaporizer accessories reviewed by Vape Pen Pro


            • Compact, easy-to-use,
            • Extremely rugged for outdoor use,
            • Healthy, stainless steel airway tube,
            • Good battery charge,
            • Dry-bag travel case,
            • Easy to clean and comes with a cleaning kit.


            • Herb chamber a little small,
            • Battery not replaceable,
            • Charger port cover hard to open.


            Summit Plus dry bag reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            Overall, the Summit Plus is an excellent vaporizer for the price. It delivers a clean, tasty vapor and gives you wide range of temperature selections for the best enjoyment of your herbs. It is easy to use and looks like it is well-designed for withstanding prolonged use in all kinds of wild environments, indoor and outdoor.

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            4 years 10 months ago

            […] Vapium Summit Plus […]

            4 years 3 months ago

            Just purchased the Summit Plus a couple of weeks ago. Huge improvement over my Wulf Mods vape. Sturdy. I like that the bowl isn’t right by the mouthpiece. More temp options. The only complaint (and that’s too strong a word) I have is while it appears to heat rapidly, once temperature is achieved as indicated by the LED’s I have found I need to let it “cook” for about another minute to get the vape and taste I like. This could be due to herb factors, as I have only used one type with it.