The 10 Best Rosin Vaporizers

Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer
Can you put rosin in a vape pen? Yes! New and improved rosin vaporizers are appearing all of the time. Rosin is a solvent-less cannabis concentrate and is quickly becoming the best concentrate to vape. Some vaporizers are good and some are great. Here's our list of the top 10 best rosin vaporizers available now.

Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer

1. Arizer Solo 2 9.8

The Arizer Solo 2 is a bold step in the right direction for vaporizers. The first Arizer Solo was really nice and had a great draw but the Solo 2 really steps it up at a great price. With it’s super fast heat time and long battery life the Arizer Solo 2 has become my go to vaporizer.

Puffco Plus reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

2. Puffco Plus 9.6

From the gun-grey polished exterior to the solid, stainless steel mouthpiece, the Puffco Plus vape pen is a class act. The extra-wide draw hole makes it exceptionally easy to take large, satisfying hits on this vaporizer.

Made without any plastic or fiber parts, the Puffco Plus is one of the most health-conscious vape pens on the market. Long battery life and low maintenance make this a great pen for taking on the go.

Source ORB XL rosin vaporizer reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

3. Source ORB XL 9.4

Source Orb vaporizers have always been popular, and the XL is no exception. A sleek and elegant pen body filled with high-tech heating and airflow features makes this pen vaporizer both a useful and fashionable item.

One of the first pen vaporizers to use triple grade titanium coils and quartz atomizers, the Source Orb delivers high-quality clouds of flavorful vapor every time you fire it up.

With a chamber capacity of almost a full gram of concentrate and a variable voltage battery operating between 2.7 and 4.2 volts, this is a rosin vapor ready for all occasions. Comes with a carry case and a dab tool.

Dr. Dabber Boost eRig rosin vaporizer review by Vape Pen Pro

4. Dr. Dabber Boost eRig 9.2

This unique vaporizer uses a titanium nail for vaping rosins and concentrates and also has a glass water attachment. Measuring in at only 3 inches by 5 inches by 7 inches, this is the smallest vaporizer yet by eNail.

The Dr. Dabber Boost does not use wicks or coils for heating. Instead, your favorite concentrate is brought to the perfect temperature by clean, direct heat. Thirty seconds after loading the vaporizer and pressing the power button, it is ready to draw. One battery charge lasts for about 50 hits and the battery recharges with a micro-USB cable.

Magic-Flight Maud Dib rosin vaporizer review by Vape Pen Pro

5. The Magic-Flight Maud Dib 9.5

Magic Flight is a one-of-a-kind vaporizer company and the Magic-Flight Maud Dib is their newest release made especially for vaporizing rosins and concentrates. The body of this unit is wood with attractive inset brass, and the chamber is designed to heat to optimum temperature without burning.

Operating on a re-chargeable NiMH Glyph battery (two are included), this unit is super user-friendly with the heating element turning on simply by holding the battery firmly into the side of the vaporizer. This vaporizer is for concentrates only and should not be used with dry herb or e-liquids. The Magic Flight Maud Dib comes with a lifetime warranty.

Pulsar Hand E-Nail rosin vaporizer review by Vape Pen Pro

6. The Pulsar Hand E-Nail 9.1

The Pulsar Hand E-Nail is an extremely compact nail dabber for waxes and concentrates. The glass water filtration attachment gives you crisp, clean vapor with every draw. A powerful, built-in 2500 mAh 18650 lithium-ion battery delivers plenty of juice for long vaping sessions.

A high-heat temperature settings ranging from 650ºF to 980ºF lets you vaporize your concentrates and wax at your preferred setting. A glass percolation chamber keeps the vapor tasting clean and pure. The unit uses a magnetic base and cap for the carb and it sits in an upright position when not in use. Comes with a USB charging cable, dab tool, a glass water filtration attachment, and a one year warranty.

Dr Dabber Aura reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

7. Dr. Dabber Aurora 9.5

Dr. Dabber is an industry leader in the vaporizer world, based in the USA. They have always specialized in vaporizers for concentrates, and that is exactly what the Dr. Dabber Aurora is built for.

A variable voltage battery lets you choose from temperatures ranging from cool to hot. The body is slim and easy to hold and the battery is built-in and re-charges quickly and is covered by warranty.

One of the most innovative features of this vape pen is the magnetic snap-together fittings holding the parts together and eliminating 510 screw threads. The strong magnets hold tight in your pocket or purse, but come apart in a snap for cleaning and charging. Read our in-depth review of the Dr. Dabber Aurora.

DaVinci Ascent rosin vaporizer review by Vape Pen Pro

8. The DaVinci Ascent 9.6

The DaVinci Ascent is another vaporizer built for heating both dry herbs and concentrates in one pen. The glass lined airway and heating element assure you of pure and flavorful hits. Programmable temperature settings let you decide the perfect heat range for your session and gives you instant access to battery life.

The DaVinci Ascent has a battery that keeps a charge for three hours when fully charged, and you can use it while it is recharging. Switching from dry herb to oils is done easily by inserting the provided oil jar into the chamber and holding the unit in an upright position while heating and drawing.

The vaporizer comes with 2 glass mouthpieces, 2 glass oil jars, a 110-240 wall charger, and a carrying case.

Vapir Prima rosin vaporizer review by Vape Pen Pro

9. The Vapir Prima 8.7

The small and stylish Vapir Prima is a rugged and well-designed vaporizer for use with concentrates and waxes. Easy to adjust pre-set temperatures give you plenty of range for choosing the right heat setting for your preferences.

Only 4 inches by 1 inch, this is a truly pocket-sized device for taking on the go. The removable stainless airway system makes cleaning fast and easy and keeps your vapor rich and tasty on every hit.

Super-easy to activate – you just hold the power button down for three seconds, wait for the green light on the LED display, and draw. Comes with a charger, cleaning tool, plug brush, and extra mesh screens and cap screens.

QuickDraw 300 rosin review by Vape Pen Pro

10. The Quickdraw 300 8.5

The Quickdraw 300 is a state-of-the-art pen-sized vaporizer capable of heating dry herb, rosins, and other concentrates using three easy-to-switch cartridges which come with the pen.

Convenient and versatile, this is an exceptional pen for all occasions. The magnetic attachment system for the cartridges is as easy as it gets for switching from dry herb to concentrates. Simple, three-second push heating activation and fast heat time means your next round of vapor will be ready before you know it. Comes with a USB charger and wall adaptor.

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