PAX 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

PAX 2 vaporizer review by Vape Pen Pro
The PAX 2 is an advanced dry herb vaporizer released by PAX Labs, Inc. in 2015. The sequel to the PAX 1, PAX 2 is even smaller and incorporates additional technological innovations, making it one of the most cutting-edge vaporizers on the market.



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            The Pros

            • Very slim and discrete
            • Fast heat time
            • Advanced functionality features

            The Cons

            • Prone to tip over when loading
            • High cost
            • Social security number required for ten-year warranty

            [Update: Sept 22, 2016] PAX Labs has reduced the price on the PAX 2 from $279.99 to $199.99. The reason for this is the upcoming PAX 3 which will take the $279.99 pricing.

            The mouthpiece that comes assembled with the devise is flush with the slim body, and the LEDs look like a small X on the side of the unit, making it user-friendly but very low profile. The improve PAX 2 also has a quicker heat time and faster recharge than the earlier version.

            What’s in the Box

            The PAX 2 comes in a simple, cardboard box with an outer sleeve. Inside is:

            • One PAX 2 unit with flush mouthpiece,
            • One USB charging cable,
            • One optional, raised mouthpiece,
            • One cleaning kit containing pipe cleaners and alcohol solution.


            The mouthpiece is made of silicon rubber and it pulls out of the recessed end of the vaporizer with the help of a key or some other small tool. The unit comes with an additional rubber mouthpiece that is slightly raised, keeping your mouth farther away from the body of the unit.

            Under the mouthpiece you can see the airway leading to the chamber. Cleaning the mouthpieces and running a pipe cleaner through the airway after every few sessions will keep the vapor quality high and the vaporizer from smelling of vaped herb and is recommended by PAX Labs.


            PAX calls the chamber or bowl an oven, and it is located at the end of the devise under a cover held in place with a magnet. To load the oven, you have to set the vaporizer on its end, being careful not to knock it over and spill the contents before you get the lid back on. Do not put the oven lid into alcohol or other cleaning solutions.

            PAX says the oven on PAX 2 is larger than on PAX 1, and it holds enough herb for about 15 to 20 draws, depending on your style. The unit seems to work best with finely ground material, and you can pack it in fairly tightly, using the lid to tamp it in.

            There is a replaceable screen inside the oven, and it pops out when you push a pipe cleaner through the airway. The screen then snaps back into place at the bottom of the oven. The screen and oven interior should be cleaned regularly with a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.

            Power, Temperature, Functionality

            The power and control button is located under the mouthpiece and is activated by pressing it once to power on and then repeatedly to change temperature once the unit is heating. Shaking the devise also wakes it up from standby and activates the power level settings.

            Setting are displayed through the X mark ‘petal’ LED lights. Purple color indicates the unit is warming, green means go, and blue lets you know the unit has switched to standby mode. The petals also indicate the battery level and all stay lit when the unit is fully charged.

            You can turn off standby mode by rolling the devise three times while holding it horizontally. This is a useful function if you are passing it around with friends and don’t want it going off all the time. When it is in this ‘party mode’, it also keeps the temperature setting low and even.

            The LED display is simple and extra discrete, consisting of four lights arranged like the petals of a small flower on the front of the vaporizer. Each ‘petal’ lights up individually, telling you the temperature setting, battery charge, and stand-by activation setting. It does take a few minutes to learn how to read the settings, but once you do, it’s easy.

            The PAX 2 vaporizer has four pre-set heat settings ranging from 360º F to 420º F. After the unit is on, you hold the power button for an extended time and then push quickly between one and three times to increase the temperature from one setting to the next. Each ‘petal’ lights up in turn as you increase the temperature setting.

            The vaporizer sometimes feels a bit too warm when in use, although the outer shell is made with a brushed anodized aluminum designed for staying as cool as possible. Wrapping your hand around the vaporizer while you are using it helps to distribute the heat more evenly. Drawing slowly without any space between your lips and the mouthpiece also keeps the unit cooler.

            Battery and Charger

            The PAX 2 comes with a USB charger cable with a cradle at the end where the unit sits when charging. It takes about three hours to charge fully using the USB cable. An optional AC wall charger is also available and charging time is reduced to about two hours when using a wall charger.

            The battery is a built-in lithium ion type and when fully charged you get about five to seven vaping sessions of an average of 15 hits each. But how long the charge lasts depends on the temperature setting you use, how you draw, and even the herb, so your results may vary.

            Special Features

            The PAX 2 comes in a selection of colors: black, topaz, red (Flare), silver (Platinum), and a limited edition electric blue.

            An optional accessory bundle includes a wall charger, two extra mouthpieces, extra oven screens, and a cleaning kit with pipe cleaners and alcohol cleaning solution.

            A ten-year warranty is available if you register the product and provide your social security number.


            • Very slim and discrete,
            • Fast heat time,
            • Advanced functionality features.


            • Prone to tip over when loading,
            • High cost,
            • Social security number required for ten-year warranty.

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            4 years 10 months ago

            […] PAX 2 […]

            4 years 7 months ago

            I’d also add to the cons list:

            – 0.3 mg chamber, tiny.
            – Heat dissipation issues, device can become very hot in your hand.
            – further heat issues due to poor design of mouthpiece -drawing on the device can, over time, burn your lips.
            – poor design in terms of cleaning, sensitive components can easily become overloaded with the smallest amount of isopropyl alcohol.
            – as well as the fact the first one had to be replaced within a month.