E-Liquid Vape Pens

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E-liquid vape pens are coming on the market so fast it can leave you lost in the clouds. The entire technology is so new, and the culture around it so fluid, getting your bearings and making decisions about getting started with a vape pen can feel more complicated than it should.

One way of getting oriented is by starting with the fundamentals of vape pen technology. Then combine that with the experiences and feedback of vape users who have paved the way this far. Then, knowing what to look for in a vape pen becomes a lot easier.

The Basics of E-Liquid Vape Pens

Vape pens are pretty basic. Most of the differences lie in the quality of craftsmanship and materials used in construction of the devise. Beyond that, there are a wide range of add-on features to please just about anyone.

All vape pens are basically small ovens heated by a single or double battery (including vape box mods) which heats an e-liquid or other material to just the right temperature, creating the desired vapor.

Many vape pens and other vaporizers can also be plugged directly into a 120 Volt wall socket with the correct adapters. Some models can be used while they are being charged.


The atomizer, also known as the heating coil. This is the part that heats up to a specified temperature for whatever you are vaping. The construction of the coil and the materials used are what determine the temperature range for that coil.The materials used in the coil itself, like titanium, nickel, or kanthal wire effect vapor flavor, as well as controlling the temperature range the coil can reach. Lower quality wire tends to heat unevenly and can cause off flavors. Coils need regular replacement in e-liquid vape pens. They can be bought ready-to-go or as re-buildable unit.
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How hot the coil gets is a critical part of vaping. Hotter temperatures in e-liquid create a feeling more similar to analog smoking. Each vaping product has its own optimum temperature, although e-liquids can be vaped over a wide range of temperatures, allowing you maximum control of flavor and the physical sensations of vaping.


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The chamber where e-liquid or other material goes is another important part of a vape pen. Poorly designed chambers can break in your pocket or purse making a mess – not to mention making the vape pen unusable. Pyrex glass and stainless steel are more durable than plastic or aluminum chambers, and they are less likely to add an aftertaste to your vapor.How easily the chamber opens and latches is another important feature in a good vape pen. Is it easy for you to load? Some loading ports are pretty small, but it all depends on what is comfortable for you.Does it stay closed without problems? Some pens have a problem in this department. You want a vape pen that stays closed and does not leak.See-thru Pyrex chambers give you instant info on your e-liquid levels, and they are more break resistant.


The airway tube and mouthpiece are the third major part of a vape pen. The type of material used here is also important in the vaping experience, because some materials can add an unwanted flavor to the vapor. Mouthpieces are most commonly made of plastic, acrylic, stainless steel, or glass. Once again, glass and stainless are the least likely to impart any unwanted flavor or pose health risks.Lower priced vape pens often use aluminum and plastic for the airway tube and mouthpiece, although some high quality aluminum airway tubes can produce a clean taste. For some people, flavor is not affected in any bothersome way by less expensive materials.


All vape pens use a battery for heating the coil. Battery types, and the correct charging unit for that battery, differ between vape pens. This is the part of using a vape pen where following safety recommendations is vital. Batteries and chargers are not always interchangeable between models.It is never safe to use any batteries or charging system not specific to your vape pen. Always following instructions carefully when charging and replacing batteries for the safest vaping experience possible.Battery life and how fast the battery recharges is another vape pen quality feature. But how important this is depends somewhat on how and where you use your devise. If you use your vape pen in a location near an outlet where you can stay plugged in, battery life and quality are less important. But a good vape pen charges when and where you need it. Car charging is one option when driving, and many models come with optional car chargers. Leaving a vape pen charging in a car unattended is not recommended, however.Most vape pen users say they prefer a vape pen with at least half a day of battery use in each charge. This translates to about 100 puffs per charge.

Battery charge life is also complicated by how hot you run your pen. Higher temperatures greatly reduce charge length. When choosing the best vape pen for you, consider how and where you will be using your devise, then match the battery and charging system so you have the flexibility you need.

Beyond the Basics

Beyond these basic four elements in all vape pens, there are an amazing number of features and add-ons to make vaping more convenient and fun. And of course, there are an almost endless variety of e-liquid flavors in different nicotine levels, including zero nicotine.

Puff counters and digital displays indicating battery life and e-liquid level are vape pen features appreciated by many vapers.

Stealth shut-off of LED displays for in the dark use are also popular, as well as sleek and easily concealed vape pens for attracting minimum attention and making transport easy.

In the end, a good vape pen is one that is well designed and solidly built using quality materials with a battery and coil matched to your vaping style.