Reliant 60W Starter Kit Review

Reliant Vape Pen Mod Kit
When I started vaping, I tried out several different, inexpensive vaporizer pens. This shaped my own preferences on starter kits like the Apollo Reliant 60W. I think they are great, and here’s why.

Reliant 60W Starter Kit by Apollo

Reliant 60W Starter Kit by Apollo

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    Battery life


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            The Pros

            • Perfect for users with some experience
            • Great liquid to air flow control
            • 3 firing modes
            • Professional LED Display
            • Great design

            The Cons

            • Learning curve for beginning users
            • Heavy on the wallet

            In the beginning, I didn’t want to spend too much money on a vaporizer, especially if I could get the same results from a less expensive vape pen. But after four cheap vaporizer pens and hundreds of dollars, I figured out this was not possible.

            I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels looking for a vaporizer experience that was, in reality, not possible from a cheap vape pen. I came to realize that paying a little more in the beginning saves money in the long run, because you get a lot more pleasure from a pen with control features like the Reliant 60W and the selection of coils that comes with it.

            Given my experience, starting out with a full-sized kit like the Reliant 60W starter kit is what I would recommend to someone just getting into vaping. It is also an extremely flexible and well-designed kit for the more experienced vapor enthusiast.

            Reliant Vape Pen Mod Kit with Accessories

            Whats in the Box

            • 1 Reliant mod unit (red or black color option)
            • 1 USB charge cable,
            • 1 18650 battery charger,
            • 1 18650 high drain battery or equivalent,
            • 1 wall adapter,
            • 1 Reliant manual,
            • 1 Phazer Sub-Ohm Tank,
            • 1 0.2 ohm Ni200 coil,
            • 5 0.5 ohm kanthal coils,
            • 1 0.5 ohm kanthal coil,
            • 1 Phazer manual,
            • 1 30ml bottle of or Lindbergh or Fa-Q e-liquid.

            This starter kit has everything you need for fully experiencing the pleasures of vaping. While it is a bit more expensive than some other pens, I would have saved a lot of money if I had started with a vape pen like the Reliant 60W. I also would have had more fun right from the start!

            The Features

            The Reliant 60W Starter Kit by Apollo is a package that has it all. First, the pen itself has just the right set of control features. Also, the Phazer tank is a unique kind of sub-ohm tank, because it lets you have maximum control over both the liquid and air flow.

            Temperature control on this unit is another strong feature. This mod has three firing modes, making it adjustable by temperature, wattage, or mechanical modes. This lets you fine-tune the vapor until it is exactly what you want.

            All of this control means you can design every hit to your standard of perfection.

            Temperature Control Mode
            In this setting, the Reliant 60W lets you choose your preferred temperature between 200º F and 600º F. (100ºC to 300º) when you are vaping at 60 watts of power.

            Wattage Mode
            In wattage mode, you can adjust the wattage between 5W and a full 60 Watts of power. This gives you a lot of flexibility, depending on what you are vaping and your own preferences. The Reliant 60W works with kanthal coils or any other wire that is not temperature control compatible.

            Mechanical Mode
            In mechanical mode, the Reliant 60W heats the coil directly from the battery while keeping all of the safety features in full operation.

            These different temperature modes make it possible to increase or decrease the throat feel and the vapor cloud. Having so much control in one pen means you can change your vaping style whenever you want, and if you are a beginner, you can experiment and find out what your vaping preferences are, all in one pen.

            Usable Display
            The LED display on this vape pen is just the right size. It is easy to see, and it displays all of the pen’s specs including, wattage, temperature, and battery life. It also has a stealth mode that turns off the LED and lets you vape discretely in the dark.

            Tank Flow Control

            The Phazer sub-ohm tank is one of the best features of the Reliant 60W. It is the only tank on the market that lets you control both air flow and liquid flow simultaneously.

            Adjusting the flow ratio is done simply by twisting the tank to reach your preferred setting. I like this feature, because my tastes change from morning to night. With the Reliant 60W, I can get just the right vapor hit I am looking for at any given time.

            The Pros

            • Everything you need in one package,
            • Great liquid to air flow control,
            • 3 firing modes,
            • Easy to read LED display,
            • Great design, inside and out.

            The Cons

            • A bit of a learning curve for beginning users,
            • More expensive than some vape pen starter kits.


            The Reliant 60W starter kit is easy to use, once you get familiar with it. As with all vape pens, following instructions for charging, batteries, and maintenance is important for safety and maximum enjoyment.

            Take a little time to read both the manuals, or get a lesson from someone knowledgeable about this pen, so you can get the most out of it and use it safely. It won’t take long, and soon you will be enjoying flavorful vapor adjusted exactly to meet your own tastes.



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