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Puffco Plus reviewed by Vape Pen Pro
Not too long ago I reviewed the Puffco Pro vape pen and really liked it. I mean really liked it! When I heard Puffco was coming out with the Plus I basically said 'how can they improve?' It seems that they've hit all the right marks on the Puffco Plus.

Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus

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    Battery life


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            The Pros

            • Simple to use
            • Extra compact and discreet
            • Produces flavorful vapor
            • Affordable price

            The Cons

            • Runs a little hot on outside

            Puffco Plus box reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            Puffco is a young Brooklyn, NY based company at the forefront of sophisticated wax vaporizer design. In 2015, their Puffco Pro was voted best wax vaporizer out of 100 vaporizers reviewed by High Times Magazine. Their latest release in May of this year is the Puffco Plus vape pen for wax, rosin, and other concentrates.

            Puffco Plus made in brooklyn reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The Puffco Plus is a step ahead in vape pen design. Most vaporizers have coils that come in contact with the contents of the bowl. This produces off flavors and potential health concerns. The Puffco Plus has a convection chamber heated entirely from the outside. The coil never comes in contact with the contents of the chamber, making it produce truly clean, flavorful vapor.

            Another innovation on this vape pen is the ‘dart’ under the mouthpiece for even heating of wax and better airflow. Together, the dart and sealed ceramic chamber create especially rich and tasty vapor. This unit is specifically designed for wax products only and should not be used with dry herbs or liquid concentrates.

            What’s in the Box

            Puffco Plus packaging reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The Puffco Plus vaporizer is as sleek and trim as its predecessor. About the size of a pen flashlight, it is packaged at the top of the box and is the first thing you see when you open it. The package includes:

            • 1 Puffco Plus vaporizer unit,
            • 4 cleaning swabs,
            • 1 replacement chamber with cap,
            • 1 USB charging cable
            • 1 instruction booklet.

            All of the accessories are packed under the vaporizer in the box.

            Puffco Plus accessories reviewed by Vape Pen Pro


            Puffco Plus mouthpiece reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The mouthpiece unscrews from the top of the vaporizer for cleaning and loading the chamber. The mouthpiece sits directly over the heating chamber. On the underneath of the mouthpiece is a ceramic tool Puffco calls the ‘dart’ which projects down into the chamber when the unit is assembled.

            The dart has several purposes. One is to allow you to easily pick up small pieces of wax and load them into the chamber. The dart also presses the heated wax against the sides of the chamber, causing it to heat more evenly.

            Puffco Plus ceramic Dart poker reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            Beyond that, the dart also directs vapor and heat through the unit to the mouthpiece using a uniquely engineered airflow design that reduces clogging and creates clouds of satisfying vapor.

            Coil-less Ceramic Chamber

            Puffco Plus coil-less ceramic chamber reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The heating chamber is made of pure, high-grade ceramic material. There are no plastic parts used. The chamber is sealed off from the heating element which is integrated. There are four small holes at the midpoint of the chamber where air enters it, creating the convection flow that heats the wax. The dart is an integral part of this design, and it sticks into the chamber, directing the heat back down and the fresh vapor back up to the mouthpiece.

            Puffco recommends removing any residue in the chamber after each session or it can spill out or run through the airflow holes and get in contact with the coil. The chamber is self-cleaning. Simply detach the mouthpiece and run the unit through two cycles on ‘sesh’ mode while holding the unit upside down and any residue will run out. Be sure to do this over a paper towel.

            You do not need to use a swab to clean out the chamber, although you can if you want. But the manufacturer says not to use any alcohol or cleaning solutions inside the chamber or it can damage the unit.

            Power, Temperature, Functionality


            Puffco Plus reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The single, cloud-shaped control button turns the unit on or off when you push it five times. A color-coded LED is built into the cloud button to indicate temperature settings and battery function. Once the unit is on, you click the button again four times to toggle to the temperature setting mode. There are three temperature settings indicated by the color of the LED display, and you push the same button to move from low to medium to high settings.

            When the pen is heated to your desired temperature, push the button once while inhaling and hold the unit in an upright position while using it.

            When you double click the power button, it turns on a 12 second heating mode Puffco calls ‘sesh mode’. This keeps on an even heat and gives you a slightly longer time for drawing. Press the button once to exit ‘sesh’ mode. The pen automatically shuts off after eight seconds.

            To clean the Puffco Plus, warm up the chamber in ‘sesh’ mode. Remove the mouthpiece and heat the unit while holding it upside down. Wipe the threads on the mouthpiece and clean the connectors on the battery and bottom of the chamber using a cleaning swab. Do not use rubbing alcohol for cleaning the inside of the chamber on this unit, although you can use it to clean the outside.

            The coil needs to be replaced after about three months of regular use. Replacement coils can be purchased from Puffco and they recommend using Puffco replacement parts for best performance. The vaporizer comes with a one-year warranty.

            Battery and Charger

            The battery is attached to the unit with 510 threads. Charge the unit with the provided USB cable by plugging it into any USB power source and screwing the battery into the charger. The light on charger is red when the battery is low and charging, and it turns green when fully charged and then automatically turns off when the battery is completely charged.

            Battery charge life depends on the temperature setting you use and other factors in how you use the vaporizer, but one charge on average lasts for about 50 hits using the highest temperature setting. The battery recharges in about two hours. Recharging using an optional wall charger is a bit faster.


            • Simple to use,
            • Extra compact and discreet,
            • Produces flavorful vapor,
            • Affordable price.


            • Runs a little hot on outside.


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            Tipadis dick
            Tipadis dick
            5 years 1 month ago

            I’m confused. You say you love the weight and feel of it, but then say yours is coming soon. Have you actually used one or is this all conhecture?

            Jeff marigolis
            Jeff marigolis
            5 years 1 day ago

            The High Rise Vape pen blow those pens away, same exact technology without the price tag!

            Chris barto
            Chris barto
            5 years 23 days ago

            This pen is crap, shitty tokes and the battery doesnt last… Convection heat? Definitely not the oil drips down into a coil and os directly heated do not be fooled i absolutely love the puffco pro and i was really excitdd for the puffco plus this pen was a disappointment these people who are giving good reviews are fucked they give a good review because they were sent free shit

            4 years 10 months ago
            Unfortunately my highly anticipated puffco plus purchase has not been very exciting. I bought it because I lost ky puffco pro and loved that pen. The design is amazing the draw is smooth and tough (in a good way) but my experiences with the plus only lasted 2 days. My battery would die within a couple hours of barely using it but would also fully charge in about 30 minutes. That was already annoying considering my pro would last at least a 2-3 days of use for me. On day number 2 I did my normal pull before work turned… Read more »
            steven arrendale
            4 years 9 months ago

            I bought this pen and it never worked correctly. Puffco replaced the pen and 1 chamber. They refuse to replace my other chamber saying its used. DUH , you have to use it to find out it doesnt work! At this point they will not stand behind their product and I am left with a pen that doesnt work. STEER CLEAR FROM THIS PUFFCO COMPANY

            jj Stompers
            jj Stompers
            4 years 8 months ago

            I had last years model and it worked much better than this new one

            Lee miles
            Lee miles
            4 years 3 months ago
            I just purchased a puffco plus vape pen about week ago. I will definetly not recommend this pen. Since I have gotten it I have had to reset both charging and heating elements that are loose and constantly come apart especially when you get ready to charge the unit. The unit is mostly unresponsive to turn on and off. Once off hard to get back on. Gets very hot to the touch. I only buy the best of everything and this has turned out to be a major disappointment!!! Do not throw your money away like I did. Cheap made… Read more »
            3 years 3 months ago

            Worst product on the market!! Worthless piece of trash. That’s actually what it is, and that’s what Kaitlyn from their company told me to do with it. After working with the support they finally told me to throw the product out and they can not help me and can not exchange it for a working product. The company puffco is a scam!