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Puffco Pro Wax Vape Pen reviewed by Vape Pen Pro
The Puffco Pro is one of the simplest to use, yet most innovative, sophisticated, and solidly designed vape pens on the market today. Designed in Brooklyn, New York with the latest technology and made for wax and shatter concentrates, the Puffco Pro was rated Best Vape Pen in 2015 by Hightimes magazine - and they reviewed 100 vaporizers!

Puffco Pro Wax Vape Pen

Puffco Pro Wax Vape Pen

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            The Pros

            • Compact size
            • Elegant design and solid, all metal construction
            • Ceramic chamber with titanium coil
            • No wick
            • Affordable price

            The Cons

            • limited number of heat settings
            • Low quality charger

            What’s in the box

            Puffco Pro Out of the Box reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            • 1 Puffco Pro vape pen,
            • 1 USB charger,
            • 1 Snap carrying case

            This pen is compact, easy to use, precision made, sleek, and attractive. The exterior of the pen is gun-grey, polished metal, and there are no plastic or fiber parts used anywhere in this vape pen’s construction. It has a nice, solid feel in your hand and produces tasty, toxin free hits from the wax, shatter or heavy oils. The battery stays charged a long time and it only needs a little maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

            Puffco Pro Open Case reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The carrying case is well-made and looks a lot like a cigarette case, excepting for the prominent Puffco logo on the front. The case snaps closed and springs open with a small button on the front. The pen and charger fit comfortable inside the case in pre-formed indentations in a foam block, so they don’t roll around while you are on the move. The case is small enough to fit easily in a large pocket or a small purse.

            Let’s go through the parts of the Puffco Pro wax vape pen one by one.

            The Mouthpiece

            Puffco Pro Mouthpiece reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The draw hole in the mouthpiece on this wax vaporizer pen is extra wide, making it easy to take big hits. The mouthpiece is solid, polished stainless steel and very comfortable feeling. The mouthpiece slides into a spacer section, separating the mouthpiece from the atomizer and chamber. The machining on all the threads on this unit is precision, and it would not be easy to strip them by over tightening, because they are so well-made. Every detail on this pen is well-designed and crafted.

            There is a small, rubber O-ring at the bottom of the mouthpiece where it fits into the spacer which then is threaded onto the atomizer. This O-ring needs to be in place and clean, because it prevents air leakage between the mouthpiece and chamber. It does not look like it would need to be replaced often, if at all, under most conditions.

            Puffco Pro Removable Mouthpiece reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The Atomizer and Chamber

            Puffco Pro Atomizer reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The chamber is solid ceramic, and it is large. Puffco says it can hold up to .3 grams of wax, but it looks big enough to hold even more. It definitely has a bigger capacity than most wax vape pens. One packing of this chamber can last for 50 to 70 hits, depending on temperature setting and how long you draw on each hit.

            Puffco Pro Atomizer reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The atomizer is a ceramic rod with a titanium coil wrapped around it. It can be cleaned in several ways when residues build up inside it. One way of cleaning it is by removing it from the pen and spacer, and then heating it with a hairdryer, or on a stove top with the atomizer set on top of some aluminum foil on a low heat setting. Be sure to use some tongs to hold and pick it up while doing this, and hold it so the residue can drip out onto a paper towel once it is heated up.

            The atomizer can also be cleaned with Formula 710 or isopropyl alcohol. Just soak it in one of these solutions for a few minutes, then rinse and air dry completely. Any resin or oil stuck inside will dissolve. When the atomizer gets dirty, it causes a slightly unpleasant flavor in the vapor, so cleaning it occasionally is a good idea.

            Puffco Pro Chambers reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            You can also clean out the chamber by disconnecting the mouthpiece, turning the pen upside down, and turning it on for one or two cycles. Hold it over a paper towel or something else to catch whatever drips out.

            If you want to capture and reuse any oil inside, let the oil drip out into a small container or onto a piece of wax paper while you are doing this. Then you can return it to the chamber for a second round.

            You can also clean out the atomizer by removing it completely from the pen, holding it with a pair of plyers or tongs, and heating it with a hairdryer to melt away any residue inside.

            Puffco Pro Battery, Mouthpiece, and Atomizer reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            There is lots of room in this chamber for your concentrate, and the pen works best with a good size load in it. With a smaller piece of wax, the roominess of the chamber makes it a bit harder for the concentrate to heat up completely. A load of .2 grams of wax seems optimum for getting lots of great hits while keeping the wax where it will heat up correctly and still getting good draw and airflow.

            With smaller amounts of wax in the chamber, or if you are getting to the end of the load, you might need to open up the chamber and stir up the wax a bit, as it tends to get stuck around the edge of the chamber or under the atomizer. This is easy to do with a dab stick or similar tool. It is a small price to pay for having a chamber with such a large capacity.

            When packing the chamber, it works better when making a small hole going through the wax, so air can move through. Otherwise, the pen can feel like it is clogged and it won’t draw properly. Making this hole can also be done with a dab stick, and it only takes a second.


            Puffco Pro Wax Vape Pen reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            A single button on the side of the pen turns it off and on and also controls the heat settings. The button is marked by a smaller version of Puffco’s signature symbol of a cloud, also used on the outside of the carrying case.

            Pressing the button rapidly five times turns the vaporizer on or off. Once the pen is on, pressing the button four times in a row shifts the temperature between the three available settings. There is a light at the end of the pen which indicates the temperature setting and other lights on the side of the pen that let you know when the battery is charged.

            Puffco Pro Temp Settings reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The display button at the tip of the pen lets you know which temperature you are at using this color code:

            • Green is low,
            • Blue is medium,
            • Red is high.

            The Puffco Pro also has a built-in automatic shut-off which activates after about ten seconds, if the button is held down continuously. This is a safety feature which prevents the pen from accidently turning on while it is in your pocket or purse or from overheating while you are using it.

            Heat Time

            Heat time on the Puffco Pro is a good as it gets. The coil gets to temperature in only a few seconds, whatever temperature setting you have it on.

            On the low temperature setting with the chamber loaded about two thirds full, the Puffco Pro can produce about 60 large hits of vapor.

            Puffco Pro Heat Chamber reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            You may find it necessary to open the chamber a couple of times along the way to stir up the wax, so it stays close enough to the coil to heat up completely.

            The Puffco Pro also cools down quickly, so if you have been hitting it hard, it will not stay warm for long when you stop and are ready to put it away.


            The compact, temperature control battery is built into the pen. For charging, the mouthpiece and atomizer are detached from the battery section which is then plugged into the USB cable and attached to an iPhone or laptop for charging. Charging time is about three hours when the battery is completely drained.

            Once it is fully charged, the battery has an exceptionally good charge life, lasting for as long as several days, depending on use and temperature settings.


            The Puffco Pro comes with a USB charger, and it does not have the option of using a wall adaptor. The cord on the charger is quite short, so you have to have the pen close by the charging devise while you are recharging. The up side to such a short cord is that it easily fits into the case with the pen, making it very portable and discrete.

            Puffco Pro USB Charger reviewed by Vape Pen Pro


            Puffco Pro Carry Case reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            The carrying case for the Puffco Pro is elegant and compact. It is also solidly made and looks like it will hold up under lots of use and travel. It looks and feels like a cigarette case, although the Puffco brand name is printed on it in large letters.

            Inside the case is a foam panel with indentations where the pen and charger fit snuggly, so they won’t get tossed around when you are traveling.

            The Pros

            The Puffco Pro has a lot of positive features for a wax vape pen, including,

            • Compact size,
            • Elegant design and solid, all metal construction,
            • Easy to use,
            • Durable, attractive carrying case,
            • Ceramic chamber with titanium coil,
            • No wick,
            • Produces good tasting vapor,
            • Affordable price.

            As long as you are using this pen for its intended purpose –vaporizing wax and shatter concentrates – it has all the features you need, it works reliably, it looks good, and it is very reasonably priced.

            The Cons

            The limited number of heat settings is one downside to this vape pen for me. Three settings is not inadequate, but I do like pens that give me a bit more flexibility on the heat setting range. Puffco does not provide information with the unit telling you the exact temperatures of each setting.

            The large chamber is a plus – as long as you have enough concentrate to pack it at least half full. If you like to vape tiny, rice-sized pieces of wax, this pen might have a chamber that is a bit large for your vaping style. Or, you will just have to open it up a bit more often to make sure the wax is close enough to the heat source.

            While most people will be fine with a USB only charging system, some people prefer having a wall adaptor for charging. This pen does not offer that option, so this could be a downside for some people. The cord on the charger is quite short, so you can’t set the pen far from the devise you are charging it on. While that is probably not a problem for most people, some will find it a bit annoying.


            The Puffco Pro is very reasonably priced for such a high quality wax vape pen. There are a lot of other pens out there for a similar price not made to the same standards as this pen.

            Final Thoughts

            Puffco Pro Logo reviewed by Vape Pen Pro

            Overall, the Puffco Pro is one of the best wax vape pens out there, especially in this price range. It produces flavorful vapor without the contamination of residues from plastic or fiber in the construction of the pen. This makes it a healthier vape pen compared to some others on the market.

            It draws and works well when taking both small and big hits and at all three temperature settings. The air flow through the pen does get a little restricted sometimes when there is a lot of wax in it, requiring you to shake the pen or open it from time to time to create a hole in the wax. But overall, it works well and draws nicely.

            The craftsmanship on the Puffco Pro is above average. Everything about the pen looks and feels well-designed and well-made. Puffco has built a vape pen without using any plastics or fibers that can heat up and add unwanted flavor or chemicals to the vapor. This is a great innovation, and something anyone who vapes will appreciate.



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